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What We Believe
What we believe really matters, but how do we ensure that what we believe is outworked in how we live? These are some practices that will help us to develop lives that align with our deepest beliefs.
What We Do


We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. When we declare that, we are reminded of who God is and who we are in him. In worship our focus is directed towards God and his majesty and presence in the middle of our ordinary lives.
What We Do


We believe that God is always present. Prayer helps us to remember that. Developing a lifestyle of prayer by having daily rhythms of talking with God and spending time with him transforms who we are and how we live.
What We Do


We believe that belonging matters. Finding where your story fits into the stories of others, all within God’s bigger story is what community is all about.
What We Do


To love God, and to love others as we love ourselves are the two commands that Jesus placed highest importance on. We believe that true justice is loving others by working on behalf of the lost, the least and the broken through advocacy, compassion, and reconciliation.
What We Do


We believe that everything we have has been given to us by God. Understanding this frees us up to be radically generous in return with our time, energy, homes, money and more.
What We Do


We believe that God is joyful and that his joy brings us strength! In a challenging world we want to be people who know how to spot the reasons to rejoice and who are committed to celebration
What We Do


We believe we can know God. Intentionally studying to discover who God is and how he works, primarily through the Bible but also through the wisdom of others, helps us with this.
What We Do


In an age that is mentally and physically exhausting, digitally overwhelming, and emotionally draining we believe that there is no better antidote than regularly taking time to stop, rest, and focus attention on God, allowing ourselves to be restored and realigned in his presence.
What We Do


Choosing to incorporate some of these practices into our lives is often referred to as a rule of life but the key thing to remember in all of this is to see our lives as not broken up and segregated into spiritual and secular, but rather to see all aspects of our lives as a gift from God and therefore offered back to him.

Rule of life simply put helps us as Paul writes in Colossians to do all as if we are doing it for God. This means we don’t see exercise for example as “not spiritual” but actually deeply spiritual as we steward the body that God has given us. Rule of life is to help us flourish and become formed and shaped into the best image bearers of God that we can be.

It should not be a burden but a blessing to order our lives in the direction of a good God who knows how to give good gifts to his children.
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