Give your Finances

We believe that every good thing we have comes from our Father in Heaven and that we are called to give back to Him tithes and offerings for the work of His church. This is part of our worship. As a community, we have a big vision to reach our city, nation and the world with God’s love. Regular giving allows the church to plan and budget in advance to be able to do these things. You can be part of this mission by giving. You can give each Sunday (including the facility to Gift Aid the money if you are a UK Tax payer) or you can give regularly by…

GIVE ONLINE - regular & one off

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Give Your Talents

We believe passionately about bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth and that everyone has a role to play and can find a way that they can contribute and make a difference, using their gifts to serve God.

We have made a list of lots of opportunities in CFC across all our sites where you can serve, get involved and Make This House Your Home.

Serving Opportunities

CFC - Christian Fellowship Church