“Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.”
~ John Wesley.

We are committed to outwork our call to overseas mission through partnership, practical support, praying, giving and going.


Pray for Afghanistan

As we watch the situation in Afghanistan unfold we want to pray for God’s protection, we want to see his kingdom come and his rule over the whole nation.

Join us to pray for this nation and these people:

Lord, You hear the cries and see the tears of those formed in Your own image.

We know that politics, diplomacy and international laws have an important part to play in creating and maintaining peace and stability. We pray for wisdom for international leaders in this moment.

However, we also see starkly the limits of such endeavours. Human efforts alone cannot compel love of neighbour, let alone enemy; rather this is the transformational territory of Your word and Spirit.

So would You move Your hand to change the hearts and minds of the oppressors even now? Withhold evil and cultivate good, banish darkness and bring forth light.

We declare Your nearness over those who have been abused and displaced, violated and oppressed. Would You open their ears and eyes to Your presence?

We pray for Your church there. Would You comfort and strengthen, protect and bless our sisters and brothers? As persecution draws close, would You draw closer still?

Teach us how to respond as we place our hope in You and Your good and just plans for Your creation.

Lord, have mercy and hear our prayer.

Here are some other guidelines from various groups on how to pray:


13,000 Karen flee their homes - click here to read more

The ongoing situation in Myanmar has left families bereaved and a nation in upheaval. Our partners, Ethnos Asia, sent this video of Christians in prayer for their country. Click here to watch.

Let us join the Church in Myanmar in interceding for their nation.  May the Lord be merciful and gracious to Myanmar.  May He hear the people's cry and deliver them from all their misery and pain.


Through Ethnos Asia, CFC donated £1,200 buy stoves and clothes destroyed in a fire in Mae La refugee camp, Thailand. Click here to read more.


2021 Watchlist of the 50 countries most persecuted countries

Last week, Open Doors UK launched their World Watch List 2021, ranking the 50 countries in the world where following Jesus costs the most. Open Door is the parent organisation of CFC's partners Ethnos Asia who focus on supporting churches throughout Asia.

This article from the Evangelical Alliance walks through the ways in which we can pray and act in response to the sobering facts, including writing to your local MPs asking them to watch the parliamentary launch of the World Watch List and read the report. You can read the full report here



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