“Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.”
~ John Wesley.

We are committed to outwork our call to overseas mission through partnership, practical support, praying, giving and going.

Read Saw Bwe Ah's story as a trainee Physician's Assistant in Earth Mission Asia

Saw Bwe Ah - Physician's Assistant.

"My name is Saw Bwe Ah. I am from a small village called Ler Boh. I am the youngest among my eight siblings. I grew up with my parents in a small village. There is a primary school in my village that I attended until I was in sixth grade. Then I changed schools in a small town called Taungoo. I stayed in that school until I finished middle school. After that, I moved back to Thai-Burma school. My family tried to support me as much as possible because I just wanted to be an educator in my life. That is my big dream in my life.

My village is very poor. Only a few people can get an education, and there is no health care program in my village. Furthermore, there are no graduated students from college or even high school. A few of them are familiar with the education foundation, but many people do not know how to seek education, especially in areas that face difficulties with war this year. Most of them have to run for relief. If they do not escape, there are no more chances to survive. Some of them start facing problems with food and safety. They always have to worry about bombing from airplanes and cannot stay in their village. They abandoned their village in tears- no more opportunities for teenagers and children to study and learn new things for the coming year.

For the betterment of my community, I decided to join a medical program in 2018, JSMK (Jungle School of Medicine Kawthoolei). I spent a year there. During this time, my leader encouraged me to join EMA, and I was very happy when EMA called me for an interview. I took an exam and got an interview from Theramu Carolyn and Thera Ray Kaw. I was really happy that I passed the interview along with the exam. Then I joined Year 1 in Chiang Mai. I felt excited and happy about studying.We learned English, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Critical Thinking and the history of Myanmar. In Year 3, I am learning about diseases, history taking, physical exam, and procedures. We started to see patients in OPD and IPD.

All the teachers in EMA are kind and smart. They all try to help us on every side. Not only education but also to build good teamwork. That's how united it is. I really love the EMA program. They not only give training but also inspire us in different ways. I am really happy with my journey with EMA to fulfill my goal. I appreciate each of my teachers in the EMA program for supporting young Karen people with such excellent training. After I finish school in the program, I will go back to my place, and I will build up a good healthcare system in my community. I will share my knowledge with the next generation who are interested in the medical side. Hopefully, as long as I live, I will help my people until my last breath. My people are my priority. If they are happy, I feel happy too. I do not want Karen people to stay behind. I want them to move forward. I will never give up on helping my people. I want to be the best Physician Assistant. That is my real purpose in my life. May God bless EMA as long as the program continues."

Bwe Ah, EMA Year 3 Physician Assistant Student

Through Ethnos Asia, CFC donated £1,200 buy stoves and clothes destroyed in a fire in Mae La refugee camp, Thailand. Click here to read more.


Resources to help you pray for Afghanistan

Join us in prayer for Afghanistan at this time.
The following links will lead you to some helpful resources and links to help you pray for Afghanistan:

All Nations UK Principal Andy Dipper talks about his experiences in Afghanistan and about the current situation - listen here(link is external).

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2021 Watchlist of the 50 countries most persecuted countries

Last week, Open Doors UK launched their World Watch List 2021, ranking the 50 countries in the world where following Jesus costs the most. Open Door is the parent organisation of CFC's partners Ethnos Asia who focus on supporting churches throughout Asia.

This article from the Evangelical Alliance walks through the ways in which we can pray and act in response to the sobering facts, including writing to your local MPs asking them to watch the parliamentary launch of the World Watch List and read the report. You can read the full report here



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