CFC Kids

We want our children to develop a deep personal relationship with God in an environment that is safe, fun and challenging.

Our aim is to provide an engaging environment where kids can come, feel welcomed and accepted and enjoy having fun while learning about a God who loves them and has a plan for their life.

We understand the importance of giving children the opportunity to build healthy, positive relationships with their peers as well as enjoying key relationships with adults who love and care for them.

Crèche & Toddlers

Babies and toddlers ages 0 – 3


Sunday mornings


Babies – Tiny Twinkles – (0-1years) – Seminar Rm1
Toddlers – Little Stars – (1-3 years) – Atrium

We provide crèche facilities for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old which allow parents to relax, safe in the knowledge that their child is being cared for by experienced volunteers, have the use of lots of toys and equipment, as well as learning songs and being told stories from the bible.


Sunday mornings. For all pre-school- Primary 1 children situated in the Basement. PlayGang is the place for our Pre-school and P1 children where they can come, have loads of fun, make friends and are nurtured and taught about God, His love for them and the great plans he has for their lives.

This is a fully interactive environment that gives the children opportunities to express themselves, have fun and encounter God.


Sunday mornings. For all Primary 2-6 children, situated in the Sports Hall and Ark Room. KidsClub is our fun-packed, God-filled worship experience for our P2-6s.

They come, play games and meet their friends, developing key relationships with both peers and leaders. Here they have fun hearing about God, His love for them, and his plan for their lives. They also get a chance to worship God and use the boundless energy in praising Him.

KidsClub is a great place for kids to learn about God and encounter Him in a personal way.

Kids Academy

Wednesday evenings from 6.15pm – 7.30pm. For all kids in Primary 1-6.

We want them to feel loved, be accepted, know their value and to grow. Kids Academy is about partnering with you to help provide that. We do this through teaching your kids skills, helping them to build healthy relationships and introducing them the Jesus in a safe and fun environment that engages with your kids at their level. To help us do this we combine the skills and expertise of trained professionals alongside the love and passion of experienced and dedicated volunteers to provide an atmosphere where your kids can thrive.

Your kids will love Kids Academy and we think you will to.

Mops ‘N’ Tots

Mops ‘N’ Tots runs from 9.30am until 11am
Come every other Tuesday to enjoy play time with your child and to socialize with other mums.

There are crafts, songs, free play, stories, and snacks for both you and your child.

MOPS – Mothers of Pre-Schoolers

MOPS is a great place to relax and chat and get support and advice from other Mums like you…

Being a Mum can be hectic. Some days you may hardly get a chance to sit down! You can feel exhausted, happy, frustrated, and out of control……….and all in the space of half an hour!

At MOPS we want to give you the opportunity to sit down, have your breakfast and meet other Mums while your children are looked after in the creche.

We hope you and your child will feel really welcome.

A normal MOPS morning……..

9:30am: Sign children into creches for play, stories, songs, craft (All creche helpers are Access NI checked)
9:30am-10:00am: Mums buffet breakfast
10:00am -11:00am: Interviews, talks, DVDs, activities, discussion
11:00am: Collect children and time for home

MOPS runs alternative Tuesdays.

Small charge on the door.

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