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Becoming a friend of Jesus

Taking the step to become a friend of Jesus is a 'biggy'. Maybe its something you have been thinking about for a while, or perhaps off the back of our online special or weekly material you have decided that a life with Jesus as a friend is the one for you! Either way, well done for being brave! Well done for stepping forward and realising that life can be tricky, scary, amazing and tough all at the same time, but with Jesus involved, you are never alone and will always have someone there to help guide you, love you and carry you trough those tougher times.

Below is a short prayer. Prayer is how we talk to God & God always hears our prayers. He may not always answer in the way (or time scale) that we want, but God always wants the best for us. By praying this prayer you are saying sorry for the SIN in your life (Sin is all the things that are wrong and sin is the thing that separates us from God and Heaven), you will be asking Jesus into your life as your best friend and admitting that you need His help.

'Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me, thank you for dying on a cross for my sin and loving me each day. I am sorry for doing wrong, please forgive the sin in my life and come into my heart. I need you as my best friend, help me each day to live in a way that makes you happy and helps others. AMEN.

If you prayed that short prayer you have asked Jesus into your life... So what's next? At CFC we really care about you! We want to help you get the most out of life and help you walk closer to Jesus. Please contact us at Kids@thisiscfc.com and we will make contact and ensure that you are linked in with groups similar to your age and background and also send you our material that will help you in the early days with your friendship with Jesus.

Sunday 30th August

Time 9.30am

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Our Kids Pastor Dee Murphy has decided to learn some new hobbies! This week he is trying his hand at fishing! Each week Dee will be attempting to learn something new whilst chatting to your kids about a relevant Bible Story.

Here are the links for the pages

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Please use your smartphone Instagram App to search for CFCBelfast to find our page. 

CFC KIDS Special Program



Our stream went live at 10am on 17th Aug, don't panic if you miss it. The stream will continue to be available on our youtube channel.


Unfortunately we have had to cancel this years KIDS FUN WEEK due to the current ongoing Covid19 situation.

BUT FEAR NOT! Here are CFC Kids we are planning a 1 1/2hr Interactive Online Experience for the kids on 17th August. At 10am on August 17th our Kids Team will be going live with a creative, dynamic and interactive Kids Ministry Program.


24/7 Prayer have created a great resource for parents to help create prayer spaces at home for their families including their kids. Click the link below to head over to their site.


Below are. list of download links. Each link will allow you to download Craft Templates and Quizzes linked to our Wednesday teaching videos on YouTube.


You are safe here! Safeguarding is a priority at CFC.

We are committed to creating a safe environment for our children, young people and adults at risk of harm at CFC.

If you have concerns regarding the safety or welfare of a child, young person or an adult at risk of harm you can contact our Safeguarding Co-ordinator:

Leigh McFarlane
Confidential phone: 07895 446091
e-mail: safeguarding@thisiscfc.com

We have a formal Safeguarding Policy that underpins all aspects of church life. A copy can be seen on request from either the Safeguarding Co-ordinator or the church office. Please contact us here to obtain a copy.


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