Next Steps

As followers of Jesus we are all on a journey of formation to become more like him. No matter where you are on that journey there is always a ‘next step’ for you to take, to help you find yours we have arranged them into three sections:


Discover Jesus, explore what Faith means and how God can change your life.


Find out about life in church as a community of believers and how you can get involved.

Serving Together

How can you help, get involved or make a difference in the lives of others.


Alpha Course Logo

The Alpha Course

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith and an opportunity to discover why Jesus is still the answer. There is space to bring all of your doubts, ask all your questions and raise all of your objections.
We run several courses every year and each runs for 10 weeks.

Discover Discipleship

Explore how to be a follower of Jesus in the world we in which we live by journeying alongside others. Discipleship can look like many things but three of the ways we think are particularly helpful are Safar, 2s&3s and Connect Groups

2s & 3s

2s & 3s is a way of encouraging us to think about who we are discipled by and who we are discipling. Think about who is ahead of you, who is behind you and who you can get alongside so that your journey looks both inward and outward allowing us all grow together. We encourage you to find 2 or 3 others to meet with regularly to pray, study, support and learn together.


Safar is a one to one programme design particularly for those who have just met Jesus to help you build really good foundations for a life built on Jesus.

Connect Groups

Our smaller midweek groups are perfect spaces to discover more about Jesus and find support as we try to live the way Jesus would if he were us.

Discover the Bible

We believe that both the old and new testaments of the bible are the written word of God and by reading them we can discover who God is, who we are in him and how it remains the best guide for a life lived as originally intended. We also believe that God still speaks today, by reading his written word we will begin to recognise his voice.

Discover CFC

As you explore more about what it means to be part of this church family you will probably have questions about who we are, where we came from, what we believe and the things that are important to us. You will find the answer to many of those questions in our vision, values and beliefs section but we would also encourage you to talk to your site pastor or member of the leadership team.



Connect Groups

We believe that life is best lived together. Community brings diversity, wisdom and support and the primary way we do that at here is through Connect Groups. These smaller midweek groups provide a space where we can become like Jesus together and find support as we figure out how to live our lives as Jesus would if he were us.


At all locations there are opportunities to get involved in groups that each have a particular focus. You will find a safe and inclusive environment, opportunities to contribute, space to grow and people to journey alongside.

Serving Together

Serving in Church

When people come together the questions often asked are ‘how can I help?’ or “what can I bring?’, these questions remain true when we gather as a church family and there is room for everyone to bring what they have and help how they can.

There are opportunities to get involved everywhere from being part of the kids team to serving coffee, providing a warm welcome to operating a camera, being a member of the worship team to providing prayer ministry... there is room for all and we can help you find your place.

Serving Locally

Never has the need been greater in our local communities and there are many opportunities to love our neighbours really well. We can do this both financially and practically, as individuals or by serving together as a connect group.

Serving Globally

Our vision to impact Belfast, Ireland and the nations with the love of God has taken us to many places over the years including Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, India & Spain where we have had the privilege of helping those making a huge difference in local lives. In each place what that looks like is radically different and each year there are opportunities to join a team and serve on a global level.
A Christ centred community dedicated to impacting Belfast, Ireland and The Nations with the love of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Christian Fellowship Church is a registered charity, NI Charity no. 101476
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