Prayer and Fasting | September 2022

There has been a lot going on over the last few years, and that doesn’t show any sign of changing. A lot of change, flux, upheaval in society on a macro scale, and I am sure like me you have felt the impact of all of this in the micro too, at a personal and family level. 

Even before belonging to the church family at CFC I knew about the weeks of prayer and fasting, these rhythms that Jesus invites us into as we follow him.
I am so grateful for these weeks and what they draw me back to; they bring a focus, a space, quiet moments, unity and a reminder of God’s promises, his faithfulness, and the truths of scripture like the endless love of the Lord never ceases. 

Prayer and fasting in September and again in January help us to reset, to stand again on firm foundations, to be rooted by streams of living water. 

Prayer and fasting helps us to be anchored, which is our theme for the week. Anchors hold us in place so that even if storms come repeatedly which it can seem like at times, when the clouds and difficulties clear, we remain.

Prayer and fasting allows us again to lean on, depend on and listen to our Heavenly Father, to be anchored in Him.

Below are all the ways you can connect in next week with your site and with the wider church. Everyone is welcome at any of our gatherings, regardless of which site you attend.

Andrew Gibson
Senior Pastor


East [Monday - Friday] prayer and worship in the cafe from 7-9am and a devotional via CFC East Facebook and Instagram.

Inner East [Monday - Friday] prayer via zoom at 7am.

South [Monday - Thursday] prayer via zoom from 7:45-8am. Meeting ID: 827 9525 3328.


East [Monday - Friday] individual prayer in the auditorium from 12pm-2pm.

Inner East [Monday - Friday] devotional via Inner East Facebook and Instagram.


Antrim [Monday & Wednesday] at CFC Antrim for worship and prayer at 7:30pm.

East [Monday, Wednesday & Friday] in the Auditorium for prayer and worship at 7:30pm. On Friday after the service we'll be breaking fast with breakfast. Registration is required for catering purposes. Please click here to sign up. [Tuesday] Prayer via Zoom: Meeting ID: 826 0485 6493 Passcode: 420510 or click here to join the call. [Thursday] leaving from the cafe at 7:30pm for a prayer walk (weather dependent).

Inner East [Monday] leaving from Ballymac at 7pm for a prayer walk. [Wednesday] at the Ballymac for prayer and worship at 7pm. [Friday] we'll join our CFC East family in the auditorium at 7:30pm.

Holywood [Monday] at CFC Holywood for worship and prayer at 7:30pm and [Friday] at High Street Presbyterian, Holywood at 7:30pm.

SLC [Monday] in CFC East Cafe at 7:30pm for worship and prayer. [Wednesday & Friday] with CFC East in the Auditorium at 7:30pm.

South [Monday - Thursday] at CFC South for worship and prayer at 7:45-9pm.


In CFC we believe that God speaks to us in a variety of ways. Whether it's a passage of scripture, a prophetic word, a word of encouragement, a vision or a dream, we believe it's important to share it.

If the Lord has shared something for you personally, for your site, for us as a wider church family or for our nation, we would love to hear about it. Click here to send it!


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