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EMA aims to see that all people in remote areas in Karen State, Myanmar have access to high quality health care.

A five-year Physicians Assistant training program is designed specifically for practice in a remote environment and equips healthcare teams to serve people in their villages. In addition, they offer an engineering program enabling you people to fix equipment and machinery for the centre as well as locals.

CFC is delighted to partner with EMA. We want to promote the work they do and support them as they make a difference saving lives and reaching people with the love of God.


There are many changes that may lead to improvement that I want to see in Karen areas. Among them, I want to see a better quality of healthcare because I have learned throughout my life that many of my people in the jungle died, mainly because they could not get proper treatment due to very limited healthcare workers, equipment, treatments, and knowledge. I believe there is nothing more valuable than life in this world. So, better healthcare is what I want to see in Karen areas, and I am delighted to be a part of it because of EMA. I strongly believe there will be a big change in the healthcare field in Karen remote areas very shortly because of EMA.” – Naw Eh Ser Gay EMA Year 2 Physician Assistant student

Earth Mission Asia – Annual Report

As a church, we have the privilege of supporting the work of EMA as they work to bring healthcare and a thriving economic future for the Karen people living in rural Myanmar. Click here to read their 2021 Annual Report and be amazed at the difference being made in people’s lives

Click here to download the May 2022 up date

Click here to go to the EMA website.

Click here to watch a video on the work of EMA

Meet Saw Moo

… an Earth Mission Physician Associate graduate now leading the clinic other medical professionals avoided.

Today, Saw Moo’s remote clinic serves roughly 10,000 patients every year. Not only that, he is multiplying his medical education to train more young adults to transform their communities through healthcare—131 trainees and counting!

“Why did I want to become a Physician Associate? Myanmar is a dark and difficult place. I am a Christian, so I am being light. I am trying to change my country to a better place.”

My name is Saw Moo. I am an Earth Mission graduate and the Clinic Manager of a remote jungle clinic in Karen State. This is my story.

Learning to Serve

I am from a large village in Karen State. My mother works in the home. My dad is a farmer. I have three siblings: a sister and two little brothers. Children don’t have a good chance for education in my home area. My father had to work in another country to pay for my high school.

After high school, I was teaching in my village’s school for 6 months when my village teacher told me about Earth Mission’s Physician Associate (PA) program. I decided to join the program to serve my people who don’t have access to proper healthcare. When I first started, I didn’t have any real knowledge about diseases, medicines and patient care. Now, I know that I can literally save lives, and I can make patients feel better.

Why did I want to become a PA? Myanmar is a dark and difficult place. I am a Christian, so I am being light. I am trying to change my country to a better place. My grandfather is a pastor. He gave me my name when I was born. My full name means “Alive Unshakable Truth.” That is who I am.

What is My Direction?

After I graduated from the 5-year PA program, I prayed to God, “What is my direction? Where can I help my Karen people most? Show me where to go.” By the grace of God, I had 4 clinics offer me to go and take charge. When I thought of the places I could have gone, the clinic I chose was best. It is very remote and dangerous. People get killed. Other students said, “Why are you going there? It’s the worst place.” The reason was, I wanted to do something that changes. I wanted to see proof that I made a difference.

Step by Step

Now I am the Clinic Manager, the overall leader of my clinic. We started with 5 staff. We have worked hard for 2 years to improve the clinic step by step. This year, the clinic upgraded from a village health center (VHC) to a referral center! Now we have 50 staff: medics, community health workers (CHWs), midwives, nurses, and PAs all combined. We serve 800 to 900 patients in a month. We have an outpatient department (OPD), inpatient department (IPD), laboratory, and reproductive health center with delivery and postnatal care. I have seen a lot of improvement in the area.

Next, I want to upgrade to an operation room. I’m praying, it’s going slow, but I hope for soon. By the time women arrive at the clinic to give birth, they are tired, and often have endured traditional delivery practices that are very dangerous, like trying to push the baby out by pushing on top of the mother’s uterus. We have had at least one case where village midwives broke the baby’s neck this way. Right now, we can only do assisted delivery with forceps. We want to be able to do C-sections.

Multiplying Education

When I became manager of the clinic, my staff and I wanted to start a training program. At first, the local government healthcare leader said no. He did not fully trust me because I am not from the remote areas, I am from a large village where more of the conflict is happening. But I went to talk to the leader. I showed him my work, that I am working very hard with high standards. So, he trusted me.

We started with 20 community healthcare trainees. But that was not enough. How can 20 people help millions? The next year, I asked my medical friends to come help me start a Medical Training Committee. We were the very first to promote medic training in the area! It was a lot of pressure, but we did it!

Now, we have 2 types of training: community health worker (CHW) training and medic training. The trainings are 8 months long. We have trained 3 batches of CHWs totaling 98 students, and 1 batch of 33 medic students. These young adults go back to their villages and promote healthcare. It makes me very peaceful and happy to watch them grow up and learn and give healthcare.


I have a passion of doing. I have 4 other clinics I am advising, helping them go in the right direction. I promote healthcare service to local areas. I am upgrading my clinic. In the afternoons, I train medics. I am earning my Public Health degree on weekends.

I try my best. I have a lot of pressure on my head. The Karen people face a lot of challenges. I can’t do it all myself… but if I don’t stay, who will care for the people? My friends, teachers, and leaders encourage me a lot. My staff carries the weight together.

Ta bluh doh mah (Thank you very much),

Saw Moo

PA Clinic Manager

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