Child Sponsorship


As a church, we are privileged to have a long-term partnership with an organisation called UCCI – the United Christian Church of India, a church-based group situated in SE India who reach out to the most vulnerable in that society.

As well as a number of other projects, UCCI run a Child Sponsorship scheme where they care for and educate over 1,200 children coming from the poorest rural families. The alternative for these children is often child labour.  Children are referred to the school through local community workers, church pastors or by personal application – there is always a waiting list.

In 1995 CFC bought land and built the “Janet George Memorial School” (one of UCCI’s seven schools) in Hyderabad which cares for over 120 children.

As a result of another partner organisation ceasing their support “our” school currently has over 40 children who urgently need sponsored – would you help us?

For just 65p a day (£20 per month), your sponsorship can ensure a child grows up happy, healthy and safe, has three meals a day and receives quality education, securing a better future for them and for future generations. All of this is delivered in a loving and safe Christian context and children also learn about faith.

When you become a sponsor, you’ll receive personal information with a photo and details on the child you’re sponsoring and their story so far.  You’ll receive two updates a year telling you about their life and how they are doing in school.

Over time you’ll see how your sponsor child is growing and developing.

100% of your sponsorship money goes to UCCI to help your sponsored child. The Gift Aid claimed on your donation is used to cover capital project costs for UCCI and administrative costs in the UK.

Please help us help these amazing children achieve all they can in life and see their lives transformed.

(Frontline Development is the charity through which donations are processed by completing your giving form you are agreeing that we can share your information with Frontline Development.)


Thank you for partnering with us and making a massive difference in the lives of these amazing children.

There are three ways you can give


  1. Setting up Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is the simplest way to give monthly.  You can do this easily via our ChurchSuite system.

Read the guidance for completing the Church Suite form and Click here to set up regular giving.

Guidance for the form:

Section 1: “My donations are for” – from the drop down list click on “India : Child Sponsorship”
Section 2: “Donate Regularly” – enter £20, in the drop down list click “Monthly” and choose the date you want it to leave your account.
Section 3: “One off Donation” – ignore this is you want to sponsor a child.
Section 4: “Gift Aid” – tick this box if you are a UK tax payer and wish us to claim the Gift Aid on your donation.
Section 5: “E.mail address” – If you are already on our system it will  match your new donation with your existing record.  If you are new to Church Suite it will ask you to complete your name, address.  Please click “Proceed”
Section 6: “Payment Method” – from the drop-down list choose “Direct Debit”

Church Suite charge a fee – if you would like to pay this fee please tick the box otherwise CFC will be charged.

At the bottom of this section click the pink button “Proceed to GoCardless” this will ask you to complete your bank details.

Once you’ve set up your Direct Debit you will be taken to a screen that says”

“Donation Successful” you should also receive an email confirming everything/

  1. Standing Order

You can use the form below to start a new Standing Order.

Once you’ve completed it you should send it to the Missions Dept, CFC 10 Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 2AN who will process it through our system and then send it to your bank.

Click here to download the Standing Order form

  1. Directly through your on-line bank

You can set up a Standing Order through your on-line banking.  Frontline Development is the charity through which we process the Child Sponsorship scheme.   Your S/O should be set up to:
Frontline Development
Sort Code: 980030
Account No: 10405022
Please let them know you’ve set up your giving this way by e.mailing with your name and address details.

Thank you for partnering with us and making a massive difference in the lives of these amazing children.

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