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Exodus 11 - The Plague on the Firstborn
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Exodus 10 - The Plague of Locusts
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Exodus 9 - The Plague on Livestock
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Exodus 8
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Exodus 7

Exodus 7 Devotional RICHARD GARDINER This is the start of a miraculous series of events but at the outset it […]

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Exodus Walkthrough

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Exodus chapters 1-5 depict a story of the Israelites' oppression by the Egyptians. Subjected to harsh living conditions and forced labour, God chooses Moses to rescue them from their plight. Moses initially resists God's calling, citing his own shortcomings, but God empowers him to confront Pharaoh and demand the release of his people. Despite facing numerous obstacles and hardships, including the hardening of Pharaoh's heart, the stage is set for the Israelites' liberation.
Exodus chapters 6-10 recount the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh as God demonstrates His sovereignty over Egypt. God promises redemption for the Israelites and reveals His supremacy over all nations. Moses persistently demands the release of his people, but Pharaoh's hardened heart leads to severe judgment upon the land, including plagues of locusts, darkness, and death. Through it all, God's sovereignty is evident as He displays His power and authority over Egypt and its gods. Despite Pharaoh's resistance, God's plan for redemption remains steadfast.
Exodus chapters 11-15 chronicle the culmination of the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh, as God warns of impending judgment and offers salvation to the Israelites. Through His guidance, God delivers His people from slavery and leads them towards the promised land. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including the pursuit of the Egyptian army, God triumphs over their enemies and secures the Israelites' freedom. The people respond with songs of praise and gratitude for their miraculous deliverance, as they begin their journey towards the fulfilment of God's promises.
Exodus chapters 16-20 describe God's provision for the Israelites during their journey in the wilderness, as well as His testing of their faithfulness. Through the leadership of Moses, God establishes a covenant with His people, giving them the Ten Commandments as a guide for holy living. The Israelites are tested in their obedience to these commandments, and their faithfulness is further challenged as they grumble and complain about their provisions in the wilderness. Nonetheless, God remains faithful to His covenant and continues to provide for His people, showing His grace and mercy even in the midst of their disobedience.
Exodus chapters 21-25 detail God's expectations of His people in terms of justice and responsibility. God establishes laws and regulations that uphold justice and fairness in society, and hold individuals accountable for their actions. He also reminds the Israelites of His promises and confirms His covenant with them, emphasising the importance of obedience and faithfulness. In addition, God provides detailed instructions for the construction of the Tabernacle, a sacred space where He will dwell among His people. These instructions serve as a reminder of God's presence and His desire for His people to honour Him in all aspects of their lives.
Exodus chapters 26-30 outline the instructions for the construction of the Tabernacle and the consecration of the priesthood. God provides detailed guidelines for the offerings that are to be made, as well as the construction of the various parts of the Tabernacle. The priests are also consecrated for service, with specific instructions given for their clothing and anointing. Additionally, God instructs the use of incense as a symbol of worship and adoration. These instructions emphasise the importance of holiness and reverence in the worship of God, and serve as a reminder of the need for purity and dedication in all aspects of life.
Exodus chapters 31-35 highlight the importance of the Sabbath, the dangers of idolatry, and the renewal of God's presence among His people. God emphasises the need to keep the Sabbath holy as a sign of their covenant with Him. However, the people are also tempted towards idolatry, exemplified by the incident with the golden calf. Despite this, God renews His presence among His people and extends forgiveness to those who repent. Additionally, God empowers skilled craftsmen to construct the Tabernacle and its furnishings, emphasising the importance of using one's skills and talents for His purposes. These chapters serve as a reminder of the need for obedience, repentance, and dedication to God in all aspects of life.
Exodus chapters 36-40 describe the generosity of the Israelites in contributing to the construction of the Tabernacle and the skilled craftsmanship that brought God's design to life. The completed Tabernacle becomes a place of worship, where God's glory is visibly present. Moses consecrates the Tabernacle and its furnishings, setting them apart for holy use. God's glory descends upon the Tabernacle in a cloud preventing Moses from entering yet signifying His approval and blessing. These chapters demonstrate the importance of generosity, using the skills given, and worship in the service of God, and serve as a reminder of His glory and presence among His people.

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