The Pathway

In a culture that can distract, disorientate and deform us, we want CFC to be a community of fully committed disciples of Jesus, people who don’t just claim to follow him, but who actually follow him. To help us with that journey, and to ensure we don’t neglect one area of growth in favour of another, this year we are going to be thinking about our discipleship in four ways.

Pathway Journal

1. The Pathway

It is essential to our discipleship that we know God as fully as possible. It is so important to line up our ideas about who God is, his character, his heart and his intentions, with what the Bible actually teaches us. If we don’t know who Jesus truly is, we may think we are following him, when in reality we are walking in the opposite direction. The Pathway is a collection of ten statements that capture central truths to our theology at CFC. You can think of them like stops on a journey, chapter titles in the big story of God or boxes for us to store all of our theological ideas in, whichever analogy you like the best! This pathway is intentionally wide in nature and is designed to help us think through our ideas about God, to ensure that we explore every side of his character and his story
and constantly realign our theology with the truths we discover in Scripture.

2. Rule of Life

Of course head knowledge will only get us so far. God doesn’t just want to inform us; he wants to transform us. Following Jesus means allowing what we learn about him to change us. The Holy Spirit takes what we learn and helps us to be re-shaped by it into the image of God. This transformation doesn’t occur by information alone, but by connection. If we are disconnected from him, we don’t have the power to truly change. Rule of Life is an ancient concept designed to help us develop daily rhythms and practices that keep us connected to God in a world where it is easy to disconnect; to help us live our whole life facing in the direction of Jesus, increasing opportunities for him to revitalise every part of who we are.

3. Kingdom Mission

While knowing Jesus is intensely personal, it is also irrepressibly expansive. We know him and then we make him known. The Kingdom of God is too big to be contained. It cannot be held captive in our lives, our systems or our buildings. It is wide, uncontrollable and endlessly invitational, so when the Kingdom is at work in us, it inevitably leaks out of us to the world around us. Our emphasis on Kingdom Mission is a reminder that each of us is uniquely crafted, made to carry the Kingdom in our own beautiful way in the spaces we occupy and to the people we meet. Discovering both our corporate mandate to bring the Kingdom to earth and also our individual capacity and shape, will help us to live out our Kingdom call fully, no matter where we find ourselves.

4. Soul Care

While we are a missional community, with an outward focus and emphasis, we understand that Kingdom Mission is only sustainable for people with healthy souls. God cares deeply about the internal landscape of our lives. The wholeness that Kingdom Mission brings to our communities, must be an overflow of our own personal wholeness - people who are being made whole by God, carrying that wholeness to the world around them. In a pressurised, productivity-driven world, it can be easy to neglect our own soul. An emphasis on Soul Care helps us remember God is concerned about how we are, not just what we do.

To help us as we journey through the next couple months of The Pathway series we have created a journal which will provide some space for notes as well as some further teaching and prompts.

Due to lockdown we are currently unable to provide printed copies, however you can download an editable copy to your computer using the link below:

All videos from the Pathway series can be found here

Pathway Video Teaching

1 - He Is God

He Is God - Part 1
He Is God - Part 2
He Is God - Part 3

2 - Dust, Scars and The Image of God

Part 1 - Dust, Scars and The Image of God
Part 2 - Dust, Scars and The Image of God
Part 3 - Dust, Scars and The Image of God

3 - The Father Wants His Kids Back

Part 1 - The Father Wants His Kids Back
Part 2 - The Father Wants His Kids Back

4 - The Rugged Cross and the Empty Tomb

Part 1 - The Rugged Cross and the Empty Tomb
Part 2- The Rugged Cross and the Empty Tomb
Part 3 - The Rugged Cross and the Empty Tomb

5 - We Choose Surrender

Part 1 - We Choose Surrender
Part 2 - We Choose Surrender

6 - Your Kingdom Come

Part 1 - Your Kingdom Come
Part 2 - Your Kingdom Come
Part 3 - Your Kingdom Come

7 - From Temples to Tables

Part 1 - Transcendence and Intimacy
Part 2 - Transcendence and Intimacy

8 - We Pour Ourselves into the Margins

Part 1 - We Pour Ourselves into the Margins
Part 2 - We Pour Ourselves into the Margins
Part 3 - We Pour Ourselves into the Margins

9 - God is Not Surprised

10 - God Finishes What He Starts


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