Connecting to the Server

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Connecting from within the CFC Office:

On a Mac

To connect to the server when in the CFC Office,

First ensure you are connected to the Staff WiFi.

Open Finder

Look down the left hand side until you see locations and find “Server”

Click ‘Connect As…’

Enter your user name e.g. Firstname Lastname (this is case sensitive) and Password.

Once connected you will see a list of folders for each department, you will only have access to the ones you require. If you need access to a particular folder, please contact Rick to request.

Connecting Remotely on a Mac

Prior to connecting to the server you must have a VPN connection. If you need this configured, please contact Rick.

From the task bar, click the VPN icon and choose “connected to CFC VPN”.

Once connected to the VPN server, go back to finder.

With Finder selected, choose GO from the taskbar menu, then Connect to Server…

In the box that pops up, type: smb://

Then enter your user name and password.

You should now be remotely connected to the server.

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