24 April, 2023

Exodus 6

Exodus 6 Devotional


God- where are you in my suffering? How many times have you cried out this question? When we’re living through sickness, financial struggles or grief, it’s hard to know where God is. He feels very far away indeed. One thing we can learn from Exodus chapter 6 is that this is how the Israelites felt too. In fact, after Moses went to Pharaoh in God’s name, asking for their freedom, Moses tells us that Pharaoh brought more trouble to them! Maybe you’ve felt this way too. You have done everything asked of you; you’ve tithed, you’ve prayed and you’ve read scripture. You still hear nothing. You’re still in pain. You still don’t have breakthrough.

Brothers and sisters, do not despair. Look at how definitively God speaks in Exodus 6 when He is talking about his children. When talking to Moses about the Israelites God says ‘I am the Lord…I established my covenant with them…I have heard the groaning…I have remembered my covenant.’ He tells Moses to say to the Israelites on His behalf ‘I will bring you out from under the yoke of slavery…I will free you…I will redeem you…I will take you as my own people…I will be your God…I will bring you to the land I swore…I will give it to you as a possession…I am the Lord.’

Do you ever remember a time when you were a child and your father or mother said ‘I am your father’ or ‘I am your mother’ and the whole atmosphere changed? The whole household probably fell into place and surrendered to their command and authority. There is so much reassurance in God’s voice in the passage. His is the voice of justice, authority and sovereignty. What He is saying to the Israelites is, ‘I made a promise to you that I haven’t forgotten. I will rescue you.’ God has the final say. He is speaking with a voice of authority into your suffering today. God says to you ‘I am your Lord and I have not forgotten you. I will lead you into your promised land. I am the Lord.’ 

3 comments on “Exodus 6”

  1. I have remembered My covenant:

    God had remembered His covenant; now Moses was called to remember his God.

  2. Yes, I was thinking when I read this of the part we all play in the Body of Christ bringing encouragement to one another, reminding each other in the midst of hard times who God is and what He says. Or when we have no words, we weep with those who weep: that strangely is encouragement too. I remember when I shared something hard in my life, two people cried with me, and it was as if God wept too. Very precious. ❤️


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