19 April, 2023

Exodus 3 - Moses and the Burning Bush

Exodus 3 Devotion


So often in our ordinary days, we are rushing from one thing to the next, constantly communicating with multiple people or groups, checking in on those we care for and running through a long to-do list all at the same time. Interruptions are often chaotic and unwanted and we have limited margin both physically and mentally to be able to deal with any that come our way. I am so challenged by this ‘God interruption’ in Moses’ life in Exodus 3.

Moses was going about his ordinary day, caring for sheep in the wilderness and it is there that God meets him in a miraculous way. Notice the order of the encounter though; in verses 3-4 we read “so Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up. When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” Moses noticed the bush first of all, turned from the path he was on and then when he came to inspect the strange sight. That is when God spoke to him, revealing who He is and His great rescue plan for His people. During this incredible encounter, God affirms Moses’ identity and calls him to a new purpose to lead his people to freedom. 

God has much to say to us too in our everyday ordinary lives about our identity as children of God, our calling and our purpose to bring his kingdom to earth. He wants to make himself known to us and those around us. Is your attention and devotion turned towards him? Do you have margin in your life for God interruptions? How can you create space to notice the things of God as you go about your day? What might you need to say, “No” to in order to say, “Yes” to God?

4 comments on “Exodus 3 - Moses and the Burning Bush”

  1. Exodus 3:10 God said, come now therefore and I will send you. If God said He would deliver them, whey did He use or need Moses at all? This shows that God often uses and chooses to rely on humans. Gods got a plan and your apart of it 🙏🏻

  2. Before doing my reading this morning I was looking at the BBC’s news site. I read about the pomp and ceremony that will take place on 6th May for the coronation of the new king. Especially the special cross created for the procession in the abbey, that will include a fragment of what some believe was Jesus’ cross.

    Then I read Exodus 3! One man going about his business who turns aside and received a call directly from God. A call that will bring freedom to a nation and a people his nation, his people.
    Notice how God says “ I have heard the cry of my people”.

    25 years ago many members of CFC met along with many others across the land. Morning after morning we cried out for peace in our land and I personally believe God answered and gave us the Good Friday Agreement.

    25 years on, am I or we still crying out to our God, the God who listens to the cry’s of his people. Are we like Moses, willing to turn aside for a one to one audience with God, just like Moses did. Who knows what call God has for your life or my life today.

  3. Moses had led his flock to the far side of the wilderness…sometimes it’s in our wilderness we hear God and see God so clearly…he speaks to us in our emptiness and weakness. but he doesn’t leave us there, he equips us to be strong…just like Moses, he directs him to free his people and not only will he free them from their oppressors, he’ll lead them to a land of plenty and what’s more, with the jewels and wealth of the people who made them slaves…wow!
    so let’s listen to God in our lowly moments and let’s act on it, because he’s got goodness and abundance in mind for us.

  4. Good thoughts, Rachel. I want to welcome God interruptions.

    What struck me is that the God, our Creator, the Source of life itself welcomes dialogue with us. Moses had a conversation with God that was all about his questions, his insecurities, his weakness, what ifs, and God kept speaking, addressing all the stuff Moses was bringing up. How amazing…how utterly gracious. He remembers that we are dust…and He welcomes our honest questions, He wants us to lay our vulnerability before Him, to open up our hearts to Him. He doesn’t turn away from conversation. I think we’re the ones who do that. God spoke to Moses in days of old and Moses conveyed God’s words and instructions to the people but now in the New Covenant we all can come boldly to Him, and talk with Him. How amazing! ❤️


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