18 May, 2023

Exodus 24

Exodus 24 Devotional


Come up to me on the mountain – A divine dinner

I love mountains. I love climbing in the Mournes and getting to the saddle between Donard and Commadagh and then pressing on to either peak or over the wall and deeper into the Mourne range. I also love eating! I love eating in the mountains; it just tastes better as there is something about the work and the walk to get there, to get to the moment where the flask gets broken out and the rolls unwrapped. I have also had the joy of being on top of Table mountain in Cape Town which took things to a whole other level of mountain madness.

In Exodus 24:9 Moses and the gang experience something that blows my Mourne mountain moments out of the water, and yes, even my Table mountain moments too. 

There are 74 people who are brought up the mountain to see God and eat with Him, they see His feet and under His feet is beautiful paved sapphire stonework, “like the heavens in its clarity”. Here they sat, saw God and ate. I mean what did they even say to each other? What do you say at a table such as this, in the presence of one such as this, as guests of the most-high God?

It is interesting to wonder about that, but perhaps even more interesting and wonderful is the fact that they were there at all; that the God of all the universe wants to eat at a table he prepared for them.

Psalm 23 picks up this theme of a table that is prepared for us even where our enemies are. God wants to table with us. It should be no surprise then, when God shows up in human form in the person of Jesus, that he is found with his people, eating meals around the table.

He has been tabling with his people for a long time, let’s continue to be a people who table with each other and with our God. God shows up at our tables.

2 comments on “Exodus 24”

  1. We are allowed this privilege each and every day but do we take advantage of it?
    God wanted to meet us and He found a way to do it. On our part it always involves obedience and following instructions intentionally and consistently.

  2. Imagine! “And though these nobles of Israel gazed upon God, he did not destroy them. In fact, they ate a covenant meal, eating and drinking in his presence!”
    ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭24‬:‭11‬ ‭NLT‬‬
    How utterly amazing! They saw God! And lived.
    What a momentous occasion in the history of Israel. And we too have entered into covenant with this same one God, a covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus, the Messiah. Called to eat a covenant meal with Him on earth as we share bread and wine, and ultimately to be present at a great feast at the end of the age.

    I often think that in making Communion a ritual meal that only happens in church buildings we miss the fact that it was in homes that Jesus ate with people. We often put out bread and wine at dinner these days even when there’s only two of us and celebrate the wonderful covenant we have with God. It’s a practice I recommend. Even, and probably especially, on days when things aren’t going well and you don’t sense Him near, take the bread and wine of His Presence and by faith feast on Him. He himself gave us these visible, everyday things to strengthen us. “Take, and eat… Drink…this is my body and this is my blood.”

    What a wonder!


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