8 May, 2023

Exodus 16

Exodus 16 Devotional

RICHARD GARDINER: (Confessions of a Hoarder)

When I pass from this life to the next, I hope to leave something of value behind.  In my children, in my friends, in my community. I hope that some of what I have “sown” will continue to bear fruit and bear a harvest for future generations.  My prayer is that my children are left with happy memories and some good values which although not perfect, I at least tried to model out for them.

What I will also leave them, is a loft “full of history” (my wife calls it something else but it’s not suitable for print!)

There are my O-level Chemistry notes (which might still come in useful), a portable TV that I got for my 16th birthday (Panasonic Quintrix) and written notes for every sermon I’ve ever given (pure gold right there!!)

In this part of the Exodus story, God is seeking to teach His people a lesson. Not only that He can and will provide, but also that He is always dependable. 

It is natural for each of us to be concerned about tomorrow and what it might bring.  There is nothing wrong with planning and saving and providing for our future (keeping out school notes might be more questionable).

Spiritually, God reminds us that we are called to lean into Him, not just on a daily basis but in every moment and every situation.  We can’t expect to “charge up” on a Sunday and hope to make it through the week. Through this story He reminds us that His provision is new and fresh every morning and in every situation.  

He Has promised never to leave us or abandon us….. and so today….. whatever you are facing, His provision is both new and sufficient – we just need the spiritual eyes to see it and faith to receive it.

Off to add these thoughts to the file in my loft!  

2 comments on “Exodus 16”

  1. If God can provide and care for us today, he will provide and care for us tomorrow, next week, and in the future.

    We may have concerns and hopes and dreams for the future, I think for me this story tells us that we can only live out our relationship with God in the here and now.

  2. Richard thank you for helping me see that the current situation I’m in at present that I need to believe and trust in The Lord and He will provide , amen !
    This chapter now has given me some meaning to the journey I’m on at present.


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