2 May, 2023

EXODUS 12 - The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread

Exodus 12 Devotional


They say the longest journey starts with the first step. 

And so, in this chapter, the people of Israel start walking.  

What they have been through in Egypt has left them with scars, limps and trauma but they start walking, walking towards the promises and the presence of a God who, at one point in Eden, had walked towards them only to find they were hiding. 

After years in captivity, He, once again, provides a way for them to be in his presence; a route out of their darkness. A journey that starts with him opening a way and them choosing to leave their captivity and walk towards the promise, towards Him. 

Central to our faith is incarnation “God with us”.  As the people set out, God’s presence was with them in tangible ways – through the pillar of cloud and fire, through battles they won and moments of peace, and yet, despite that presence, there were times when they chose to look away, turn their backs and even run the other direction. A journey that could have taken eleven days took a lifetime. 

The divine plan behind the exodus is not just about leaving, it’s about a return; the Bible is full of exodus moments, stories of people like David, the prodigal son, Paul – turning, leaving, walking back to the father’s presence. 

In the beginning… God walked towards his people. He walked towards the Israelites in their captivity. He continues to walk towards us no matter what direction we are facing or where we have run to.

As you journey today, perhaps, like me, you need that exodus moment – to turn again and walk towards his presence – only to realise he’s already looking for you. 

2 comments on “EXODUS 12 - The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread”

  1. In Exodus 12, God gave Moses and Aaron meticulous instructions for conducting their Passover Feast. The nation of Israel did just what the Lord had commanded and their total obedience led to their freedom from slavery.
    Throughout the Bible, God gives us instructions as well instructions on how to treat others, how to handle our money, how to grow closer to Him, how to worship Him. When we follow God’s instructions, we too experience freedom.

    Following Jesus means obeying God’s commands, even when they seem
    inconvenient, insignificant, outrageous, or scary.
    Happy Tuesday

  2. The instructions are so precise, so clear, and the deliverance that came was so dramatic: they were begged to leave, their neighbours giving them gold and silver and clothing. The instructions said they were to remember this great deliverance for all time. Thomas Todd was encouraging us on Sunday to remember what God has done in our lives: faith rises when we remember Exodus stories! Reading this story today I remember our Passover Lamb, Jesus, whose blood was shed for my/our deliverance and freedom from sin, death and the devil. I remember the call to live in the good of that:

    7Cleanse out the old yeast, so that you can be a new lump, the yeast-free lump you really are. It’s Passover-time, you see, and our Passover lamb – the Messiah, I mean – has already been sacrificed! 8What we now have to do is to keep the festival properly: none of the yeast of the old life, and none of the yeast of depravity and wickedness, either. What we need is yeast-free bread, and that means sincerity and truth. I Cor 5 (NT for Everyone)

    So keep cleansing me, Lord, BECAUSE I am yours. Keep cleansing your beloved church because we are yours, and You have made an everlasting covenant with us.


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