East Belfast

WEEK 5:   The Upside Down Kingdom – Gareth Mills

KEY TEXT:  Matthew 6:9-13, Acts 12:1-16


To better understand the nature of the ‘upside down kingdom’, and how to become people who genuinely desire for it to come in our lives and world.


“Jesus’ intent was to bring his apprentices to the point where they dearly love and constantly delight in that heavenly Father made real to earth in Jesus, and are quite certain there is no catch, no limit to the goodness of his intentions or his power to carry them out.” Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

“What would happen in this church, in every home and family represented here today – what would happen in this city, if every one of us made it the prayer of our lives, daily: “God, your kingdom come in my life”?



  1. If a kingdom is a sphere or realm where everything that happens is as the king wants it to, how do you understand the idea of you having a kingdom?
  2. What then, is God’s kingdom? Where is it, in relation to us right now, and what implications does this have?
  3. How do you reconcile God’s kingdom among us with all the things that are not “on earth as it is in heaven”?
  4. In what way do you need to say to God, “Your kingdom come and will be done in my life,”? Which particular areas do you find it more difficult to surrender?
  5. Acts 12 is an example of God’s power in response to his people praying. Have you ever been surprised by God’s power, or an answer to prayer?
  6. In what way do you need to say to God, “It’s your power,” and ask him for it? What area(s) of your life need God’s power in particular right now?
  7. Followers of Christ are called to pray for God’s will to be done. We are also expected to do our part to help bring about kingdom transformation in our world. What is one action you could take to allow God to use you to bring His kingdom to earth?