CFC Antrim – 08/10/17

God Creates – Closing The Gap

Key Challenges:

God changes us as we change the way we think

Main scripture references:

Romans 12.2, 2 Corinthians 10.5

Key quotes:

Who God says I am

Who do I say I am?

Thoughts come in waves

Slow the thoughts down

Capture, Reject, Replace


Connect Questions:

Where do you see a gap in your life between what God says and what you say?

How can you make the move to close that gap?

Did any of Jante Laws ring true with you?

Think of a time when you have experienced a wave of thoughts. Share with someone in the group if you feel comfortable to.

What thoughts have you needed to capture and reject since you heard this message?

What have you replaced them with?

How does knowing that God wants to change you by the changing the way you think make you feel?

Find someone you can be honest with and accountable to about how the ‘gap’ in your life is closing or not as the case may be!