Following a generous donation from members of CFC, ACTS42DAY has been established as a designated fund specifically to bless those within CFC who are experiencing financial need.

To avail of this fund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a member of CFC
  • Your need must be a basic need (ie Food/Shelter/Clothing)
  • Your need must be a specific emergency need for daily living (eg need to buy school uniforms / need for oil / mortgage (or rent) paid for a specific period of time)
  • Your need must be a short term need
  • At the request of the donors, a team has been formed to administer the fund.

The team comprises Elaine Smyth (on behalf of the elders) and 4 other members of CFC.

The role of the team is to oversee the administration of the fund which will include the following responsibilities to review each request against criteria agree on the amount to be given and for what period of time to ensure fairness and consistency is applied to respond as quickly as possible to all requests to be accountable to the Elders of CFC to ensure confidentiality of those requesting and benefiting from the fund ACTS42DAY will operate as follows:

  • Requests should be made by completion of the standard ACTS42DAY Request Form
  • Forms are also available from the Church Office, or by requesting one directly from Elaine Smyth
  • Forms should be completed and returned to Elaine Smyth. (Forms can be completed online and emailed to Elaine; OR a hard copy returned to the Church Office FAO Elaine Smyth)
  • Once received by Elaine, the need will be reviewed by the team
  • Elaine will then communicate the outcome of the review to the individual as soon as possible
  • There is also the opportunity for additional donations to be made to this fund
  • Please ensure you state clearly that the donation is for ACTS42DAY. If you have any further questions regarding ACTS42DAY please contact Elaine Smyth.


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