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Worshipful Attitude

Central Truth: We need to consciously pursue an attitude of worship.

I spent this Easter weekend with my family on the North Coast of NI and on Easter Sunday we joined Causeway Coast Vineyard for their inaugural second service. The thunderous worship we experienced was a fitting way to celebrate God conquering death through Jesus Christ.

In Luke 7v16, the people were…

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The Fig Tree

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Central Truth: Battles will come, but the war is won.

Being a first time home buyer two years ago was an exciting and scary time, and has brought many new things to think about that I never would have entered my head previously. This February brought a new responsibility – how to look after the two old apple trees in…

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Serve -WHO??

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Central Truth: God never gives up.

Ever noticed how our lives are encapsuled in a time cycle? (Maybe it becomes more apparent as you get older).  We have endless things to do and cope with each day - routine, work, school, appointments, family & leisure - no matter what age.  Down through the ages the pattern…

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Bright Lights & Dark Corners

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Central Truth: We are called to live joyfully in a story that is both God's and ours.

In the church that I grew up in they used to sing from a part of the hymnbook called the Psaltery, usually to a dreadful dirge of a tune led by a choir who seemed to be glad when it was over. Some Psalms were OK, 23 was a favourite,…

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It’s Easter!

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Central Truth: It’s Easter! Christ has risen! His love and faithfulness stand firm for ever!

One of my Mum’s most common expression these days, especially after watching the news, is “There’s no doubt about it - things are definitely getting worse!” The unpredictable weather, the terrible flooding, the awful wars, horrible stories of man’s inhumanity to humans and animals alike, the financial crisis, sexting, neknominating, the…

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