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It’s Easter!

Central Truth: It’s Easter! Christ has risen! His love and faithfulness stand firm for ever!

One of my Mum’s most common expression these days, especially after watching the news, is “There’s no doubt about it - things are definitely getting worse!” The unpredictable weather, the terrible flooding, the awful wars, horrible stories of man’s inhumanity to humans and animals alike, the financial crisis, sexting, neknominating, the…

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The Psalm with no answers.

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Central Truth: It is alright to keep asking God 'why'.

Many of the Psalms include laments about illness, injustice, loneliness and distress, but almost all finish with a sense of hope and faith as the psalmists recall God's goodness in the past and His unfailing love, faithfulness and power.

Psalm 88 is different.  There is no 'but God' in it,…

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GOOD Friday

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Central Truth: Jesus' sacrifice on the cross allows us to call Heaven "home".

If someone were to ask you where you come from, how would you answer? Ireland? Britain? Ulster? What has formulated your sense of national identity? Is it the passport you hold? Is it from your cultural heritage? Does it come from where you were brought up? Or does it come from where you…

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The Long Silence

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Central Truth: Only in worship can our divisions be healed.

Among other things my mother was an elocution teacher.  As a child I was dragged to festivals to recite poetry and annunciate with aplomb!  In the seventies we were in a Christian band which did the rounds of ‘coffee bars’ the length and breadth of the north, from Bangor to…

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Children - God’s agents of blessing.

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Central Truth: Sometimes in life we just need to trust and accept our Daddy’s promises and sit on his knee knowing he is all we need.

I'd like to believe that over the years I have matured and grown up. Perhaps I have in some ways, but for the most part I'm still a big kid and, from this passage, that's ok!!

IN the NT passage, Jesus is once again inviting people to “come”, except this time it's the…

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